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Thailand - Landcover

ไทย -- ความละเอียดสูงสิ่งปกคลุมดินใช้ได้ในขณะนี้

Europe - High Resolution Landcover

High resolution landcover now available in most of Europe, high resolution elevation in some parts of Europe.

Canada with Hi-Resolution

Canada now has high resolution elevation and landcover data. Toronto, Canada with very high landcover.
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AlphiMAX - enhancing partners' performance through development of unique, targeted tools for the wireless industry

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DriveMAX - Making coverage prediction and verification of WiMAX networks easy, through standard and accurate data collection process.

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Seamless switching between wireless networks

WabMAX – Wireless Adaptive Bridge, allowing seamless switching between multiple radio networks and technologies.

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Want to know if wireless link can work for you?

PtP Estimator - FREE Web Service! Determine if a wireless link is feasible for your location and get recommendation for the most appropriate equipment.

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