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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 00:00
AlphiMAX Inc, Offers Land Cover Data World Wide, Adding Redline Communications
Providing easy, on demand, access to high resolution terrain and land cover (clutter) information. Available now world wide, check the resolution in your area. Adding Redline Communications as our 8th vendor and our first 2Gbps product from Huber Suhner. New interface now available in Portuguese.





Sunnyvale, CA, June 7, 2011 - AlphiMAX Inc. releases version with updates to its on demand high resolution terrain and land cover. The new version of the Point-To-Point Estimator enhances the Advanced package to support estimations with high resolution terrain and land cover over the whole world and is still provided for FREE.
By giving our users the ability to readily take into account such information on a world-wide scale, AlphiMAX makes the planning process much faster and much less costly.

"Adding seamless global land cover information to the estimation process had its challenges and is an important step which will improve the accuracy of users' estimations and would save them time and money" said Rafi Cohen of AlphiMAX.

"AlphiMAX' Point to Point Estimator is just a perfect tool. Making high resolution terrain available to us, removed a lot of doubt during the pre planning process, saving us time and money." Said Mr. Urbanek Manuel, Funknetz' CEO. "Automatically getting the land cover information as part of the path analysis without the need to invest the time and money involved in buying and formatting such data is a tremendous help. More over the ability given to Express users to click on the path profile and synchronize it to a three dimensional map accelerates the analysis process of obstructions and gives us easy ways to go around them, and is definitely worth the monthly payment. Setting up a Paypal account and subscribing to a hassle free, automatic payment service was easier than I thought since Paypal accepts all payment methods."

Additional Features:
Land cover information is now made available world wide. The resolution of the terrain and land cover information may vary by locations.


Also, a report that allows you to view and print a report with your link path profile and link budget calculations is now available.

Seria mais fácil ter o idioma da interface do PTP Estimador em Português? Inscrever-se hoje e Express para mudar para Português.




Additional Products:
The previous version (1.7) of the tool allowed users to estimate Point-To-Point wireless links for FREE and compare products from seven different vendors: Alvarion, Axxcelera, Ceragon, DragonWave, Huber Suhner, Motorola and Trango.

Version is adding our eighth vendor, Redline Communications with its RDL 2000 platform in the 5GHz band. "We chose to standardize on AlphiMAX web service as the way to support all our customers and encourage new customers to virtually test our RDL 2000." Said Duval Yeager, Director of product marketing at Redline Communications.
"The RDL-2000 high-throughput carrier grade broadband radio solves middle-mile challenges by providing cost-effective, reliable point-to-point (PTP) connections in the most challenging conditions. The RDL-2000's high throughput and low latency helps telecom service providers deploy next generation 3G and 4G / LTE networks."

The SL60-41 from Huber Suhner has been launched exclusively through AlphiMAX and will be the first product to provide users with 2Gbps capacity for links covering up to 800m or 2600ft. The SL60 is operating in the 60GHz band and has the following physical characteristics:
Dimensions: 182 x 182 x 68 mm, (7.2“ x 7.2“ x 2.7“); Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lb).



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