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Monday, 11 April 2011 00:00
Sunnyvale, CA, April 11, 2011 - AlphiMAX Inc. releases version 1.8 with on demand high resolution terrain and land cover. The new version of the Point-To-Point Estimator adds the Advanced package which supports estimations with high resolution terrain and land cover and provides easy access to the local environmental information such as rainfall rate and attenuation.

By giving our users the ability to automatically take into account such information AlphiMAX makes the planning process much faster and less costly.

Additional Features:
For the first time, a tool that finally provides you with high level of confidence for your line of sight verification. The Advanced package is the first of its kind to allow on demand land cover information to be included in your line of site estimation. The land cover and high resolution terrain features are included in the "Greater Accuracy" category which is enabled for Advanced package sunscribed users.

So what does it look like and what are the benefits? The pictures below tell the story better than our words.

Estimation with 90m terrain resolution and no Land Cover shows link is possible.

Estimation with 10m terrain resolution and 30m Land Cover resolution reveals all information including blocked Fresnel zone and line of sight, potential reflections from hidden lake.




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