Company Overview

 AlphiMAX is unique software and hardware system solutions development company focused on the Broadband Wireless Access market. With core expertise in Microwave, Point to Point, WiMAX and LTE technologies we create specialized tools and products which enable and enhance the design, installation, provisioning, operation and optimization processes of complex IP based wireless networks.

AlphiMAX is enhancing partners’ performance through development of unique, targeted tools for the wireless industry. Partnering with all wireless Eco-system players such as vendors, equipment resellers, terrain data sources, installers, regulatory license registration firms and more, AlphiMAX provides its users with a unique experience helping them find what they are looking for in the wireless world.
AlphiMAX’ products can help our users in pre and post deployments of wireless equipment, taking them step-by-step from evaluation of technology to finding all the relevant partners they would need in order to complete their project.

AlphiMAX uses its sorting capabilities to support vendors and resellers with their marketing effort and providing its members with the tools that make their day-to-day work easier, bringing potential new customers to them.

AlphiMAX Eco-System