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Monday, 06 December 2010 00:00
Sunnyvale, CA, Dec 6, 2010 - AlphiMAX Inc. just updated its beta version. The new version of the Point-To-Point Estimator now supports tree views in addition to the building views in 3D mode. This capability is enabled for users using Google Earth version 6.0.

Pre-loaded with products' information, there is no need to look for any data and plug it into complicated tools and formulas, we do that for you. It is now possible to easily calculate the availability of products in the 2.4GHz to 23GHz bands while taking into account the required parameters.

What's new:

Users using the latest Google Earth release, version 6.0 will be able to see trees in three dimensions along the path of their link anywhere such data is available. Select the "map" tab and click on the 3D button (just like the one here on the right) to get access to such view. After your estimation return to the "map" tab to be able to download a KMZ file.




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