Learning more about the wireless point to point (PTP) estimator

Why register to this service?

    Whether you are in the initial steps of designing a new microwave communication link using wireless Point-To-Point (PTP) product or if you are just looking to verify that you have a clean line of sight by making sure you have a clear Fresnel zone in the frequency you plan to use, this tool is just for you.

    Maybe you are trying to connect two buildings using millimeter waves wireless technology product, or using such product for backhaul or as an outdoor wireless bridge, one of the first steps you would probably do would be calculating your link budget.
    Your link budget calculation should take into account output power, distance, the frequency, antenna gains and receive sensitivity of your product. Instead of looking for all the information, extracting it from products data sheets use the PTP estimator to do it all for you.
    It was designed from the ground up to make the analysis trivial. All you will need to do will be placing your locations on a map, deciding on the heights of your antennas and hit the Estimate button. The rest will be done automatically.

    Need to be a bit more sophisticated when planning long range wireless links and must maintain a certain availability and additional fade margin?

    Maybe you would like to use higher resolution terrain or to take into account the land cover (trees, buildings etc) as part of your estimation, such information can be made available on the fly as part of our Advanced package as depicted in the picture below.
Point to Point - Step By Step (Bridge)

    But maybe all you require is convenience, a tool that integrates all your needs in one place. Be able to search your locations by address, see your link on Google Earth, get a street view, print reports including rain zone parameters or just switch the tool's interface to Portuguese, for that take a look at our Express package to get access to those features and more.

    However if you simply looking for an easy and free way to manage all your projects in one place, save your history, name your sites or maybe request a quote for a product just register through the member menu and get access to the industry's preferred tool.

    You will not want to look back at how you did things until today.