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Thursday, 11 August 2011 00:00
AlphiMAX Inc, Advanced package is now commercially available
Providing easy, on demand, access to high resolution terrain and land cover (clutter) information. Adding Ubiquiti our 9th vendor including estimations in 900MHz. Adding Redline's RDL-5000 in 6-38GHz.


Sunnyvale, CA, August 17, 2011 - AlphiMAX Inc. releases version with updates to its on demand high resolution terrain and land cover. The new version of the Point-To-Point Estimator makes the Advanced package commercially available and allows users' estimations with high resolution terrain and land cover across the entire world.

Additional Features:
Land cover information is now available worldwide. The resolution of the terrain and land cover information may vary by locations. Check the availability in your area here.

Fresnel Zone clearance is now available in 900MHz to users.


Additional Products:
The previous version ( of the tool allowed users to estimate Point-To-Point wireless links for FREE and compare products from eight different vendors.

Version is adding our ninth vendor, Ubiquiti with its Power Bridge and NANO Bridge platforms in the 900MHz, 2.4, 3.5, 3.65, 5.4 and 5.8GHz bands.

The Redline communications' RDL-5000 supporting 6-38GHz was loaded as well in this version and is now available.



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