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Tuesday, 08 February 2011 00:00
Sunnyvale, CA, Feb 8, 2011 - AlphiMAX Inc. just released its first commercial release. The new version of the Point-To-Point Estimator supports estimations in high frequencies up to 60GHz; Allows users to define KPI, search by address, get street view and more; Adding Huber Suhner, Alvarion BreezeNET B300 and Motorola PTP 300-800 to list of products.

AlphiMAX added Huber Suhner SENCITY®LINK to our web site. The compact product operates as a point-to-point Wireless Ethernet Bridge at 60GHz with a net cable data rate of 640 Mbps full duplex.

Requests for quotes can be generated through AlphiMAX site, by selecting the product and hitting the "get quote" button. We would find the closest partner to you based on the geographical area you select. Product will come up in estimates done in FCC or ETSI regulatory domains.

Additional Products:

Version 1.7 is adding our seventh vendor, Huber Suhner, and adds products in the 2.5, 5.9, 13GHz, 26GHz, 28GHz, 32GHz, 38GHz and 60GHz bands. It also adds access to Alvarion’s BreezeNET B300 and Motorola PTP 300, 400, 500, 800 and their lite versions.

Additional Features:

Specify your initial filter settings to minimize your estimation time and better focus on the product options and KPIs you are looking for.
Define required availability, additional fade margin, required capacity and more. Learn more in the getting started.
Search your location by address and assign it to the relevant site.
Integrated three dimensional (3D) map now with Street View, all making it easier to see the terrain your link is going through.

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