DriveMAX Overview

Making coverage prediction and verification of WiMAX networks easy, through standard and accurate data collection process.
DriveMAXis a specialized “drive testing” solution allowing Operators, System Integrators and Equipment Vendors the ability to execute standard, efficient and accurate process of vital data collection for WiMAX and IP based Broadband Wireless Access network deployments.

DriveMAX System Overview

The DriveMAX accurate data is essential for:

  • Radio Network Planning simulation verification, calibration and evaluation.
  • Radio Network Optimization.
  • Radio Network Troubleshooting.
  • Base Station deployment acceptance testing and sign-off.
  • Base Station equipment coverage evaluation, vendor selection and comparison assistance.
  • End-user installation qualification from outside the customer premises (done from inside the vehicle).
  • Wireless Link, Capacity and Performance availability verification without actual installation.

DriveMAX Key Values:

  • Standard way and process to perform drive testing and collect accurate data.
  • Minimizes the time, effort and the skill level of the person performing the process, thus reducing the overall cost.
  • Sophisticated Drive Test Software for collection of the major parameters and KPIs.
  • Uses the actual CPE radio device, thus maintaining receive sensitivity, transmit power and antenna characteristics.
  • Easy to set-up, watertight, magnetic, vehicle roof top mount enclosure.
  • Easily transportable with watertight, crushproof and dustproof airline approved travel case with place for laptop and accessories.
  • Open Format (CSV) data output for easy integration with 3rd party post-processing software.
  • All in one integrated solution.
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